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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Your brackets aren't powder coated, why not?

A -  In many cases powder coating adds a tough paint like finish to components. This is typically done when exposure to the elements will introduce corrosion issues. The NiseRack brackets are made from high impact 5052 marine grade aluminum and come in an attractive brushed finish. This material will not corrode and needs no secondary coating and any coating will be purely cosmetic. For that reason, we chose to avoid the expense of powder coating and pass the savings on to you. If you want them another color, "rattle can" spray paint does great. I sprayed mine with John Deere "Blitz Black" a year ago and they look exactly the same a year later. 

Q - You don't offer the cross bars, why is this? 

A - I'm doing this as a service for people like myself. I wanted a product that no one made and I designed it. I kept getting requests so I'm producing them. This is meant to be a low cost alternative to more expensive designs. Bottom line is I can't deliver the crossbars as cheaply as you can get them elsewhere. If you bought them from me it would cost more for you and I'm not willing to do that. The lowest cost provider that I have found ANYWHERE is WWW.TNUTZ.COM. They can deliver them to your home cheaper than I can have them made. 

Q - What cross bars should I purchase?

A -  You should order model:


Inches - 40

Fractional Inches - 3/16

1/4 - 20 Tapped on both ends

Q - Should I use Loctite when installing the bolts?

A - You may use Loctite when installing the bolts but it's not necessary. I tested this rack on my own vehicle across 30,000 miles before offering it for sale. I never had an issue with the torque on the bolts decreasing. I do recommend checking the torque on the bolts yearly to ensure they are still tight. 

Q - Is the wind noise bad?

A - Below 70 MPH there is no perceptible wind noise. Above 70 MPH is becomes noticeable as a bit of a buffeting sound. 

Q - Do you offer a faring or wind dam for the rack to reduce the wind noise?

A - The faring has been designed and is going to the prototype stage soon. Once I test it I should have one for sale. I expect this to take a few weeks. 

Q - How far apart do I space my brackets to make them even?

A - The brackets should be 11 1/2" from the center of one bracket to the next. This will leave a 1/8" gap between the brackets and the plastic rail covers.

Q - How much does the rack weigh total?

A - The crossbar with brackets installed weigh about 5 pounds. A 4 bracket rack ads about 20 pounds overall.   

Q - It's a really simple design, aren't you afraid someone will "steal" it?

A - I agree it is a simple design. What you see for sale is the 40th iteration of my 1st design. It took a lot of thought to create something so simple. Because of that the design is currently in a state of "patent pending".

Q - What if I want something that isn't on your site or any others for that fact?

A - If there is something that you would like reach out at and maybe we can work together to solve your problem. 

Q - I notice you only use standard measurements although the rest of the car is metric, what gives?

A - There are two types of standard measurement systems and only one of them has carried men to the moon. Do I need to say any more?

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