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About Us

This is my wife's fault, I promise. She wanted a rack for her car and I wanted something that provided a better solution than the crossbars made by Toyota. I wanted crossbars that used an 80/20 extrusion for maximum adaptability and strength. I figured I'd just buy a full aftermarket rack.


I started my search for a full rack and ran into a few problems. The first problem was the cost. WOW they are expensive. I couldn't understand why they were so expensive when all they were manufacturing were the side rails. The crossbars are made by a different manufacturer. Second, I couldn't get past the fact that you needed to seal up around the bolts on the attaching points with silicone so it wouldn't leak. Toyota has already figured out how to keep the water out, I honestly can't improve on that and it was clear that the other offerings fell short in that respect. 

I just decided I would buy the adapter brackets to go from the stock Toyota rails to the 80/20 extrusions. That should be simple, right? Not so fast... I searched high and low and realized that nobody made them. I figured I'd just design and make them myself. 

So, here we are. My wife's vehicle and roof rack is the red one you see in all the pictures. This was my prototype and I've been using it for a year. Several of my friends have 5th Generation 4Runners and wanted the same rack for their rides. I figured that we might not be alone in our desire for something reasonably priced yet practical. I decided to produce them for the general public.


I am using the highest quality materials and the most precise manufacturing methods available. Add to that is superior corrosion resistance and you have a product that fits all the requirements. In addition, these are 100% made in the U.S.A

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